Some of the most renowned Cuban Artists for the 1st time in Berlin!


Many more artists to be confirmed - watch out soon for more !

Madeline Rodriguez (Cuba)
Madeline Rodriguez
Emilito Herrera y Stefanie
Emilito Herrera y Stefanie
Rafael Baro (Cuba)
Rafael Baro (Cuba)
Fismo Cuba
Fismo Cuba
Solangel Fernadez (Cuba)
Solangel Fernadez
Marta Mazzaretto(Italy)
Marta Mazzaretto
Osmani Segura ()<Cuba
Osmani Segura
Seo Fernandez(Cuba)
Seo Fernandez
Laine & Leonardo (Cuba)
Laine y Leonardo
Mario Charon (Cuba)
Mario Charon

Yunaisy Farray (Cuba)
Yunaisy Farray
Danger Rodriguez (Cuba)
Danger Rodriguez

Yorgenis Danger (Cuba)
Yorgenis Danger
Ariel Hernández(Cuba)
Ariel Hernández
Elito Rojas () Cuba
Elito Rojas
DJ Leo
DJ Leo
DJ El Puma
DJ El Puma
Dj Rumbero
DJ Rumbero